Physical Therapy: Week 10

This week my Physical Therapy sessions went up another notch in intensity. Friday may have been the toughest so far. It was agility day. I did quite a number of lateral, step, movement drills. I was sweating bullets for sure. There wasn’t any pain during those exercises compared to my ten minute jogs (although the pain has become minor). It’s really incredible how much impact running/jogging has on the knees. This was a tough work week as well, with project deadlines, so I wasn’t able to do much home exercises, such as knees raises, etc. The PT did assure me that it’s fine to miss those as I may have mentioned before, but just focus on stretching at least twice a day.

It’s hard to measure at times week by week the progress I’m making, but everyday I feel stronger albeit mentally. Through all this I was still able to nail a 4K swim on Sunday without any knee pain or discomfort. This is very favorable news!

Added Exercises:Β 

– more intensity and speed to all agility workouts

This week’s activities

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  1. Keep up the great recovery!!!! After my surgery, (not on my knee), I have been amazed at the amount of force actual running puts on all parts of the legs. Soon enough you’ll be back at the suffer festival!

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