10k swim training: Week 6 of 9 (7k Swim)

I was a bit nervous heading into this swim. Never did such a distance before. Guess this anxiety was evident in the fact that I somehow forgot my lock (never happens) and had to return home halfway to the pool to get them, after getting to Flushing Aquatic, oops -forgot my cap as well (again never happens) and had to go over to a nearby store thankfully and purchase one for $6 (cap is mandatory and should be to swim). $6 not bad compared to $20 at the aquatic center. With all this anxiety swim went on perfectly. Music keeps those long swims fun. My H20 audio is like Siri, when it works it’s awesome! Took my usual bathroom break after every 1000m interval during the main set. Felt great right to the end. Had a deliberately EXTRA slow cooldown to keep the shoulders and overall muscles and joints happy.

500 w/u
6 x 1000
500 c/d

1 x Ironman Perform
2 x Powerbar Gels
2 x Water Bottles

Recovery drink:
Chocolate MuscleMilk

Dinner of choice:
Baked Ziti with a corona

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