Physical Therapy: Week 13

This was a great week in recovery. Though knee has a bit of inflammation left it feels 75% back to normal. Walking down stairs is easier as a result of less soreness. I was able to have an outdoor run, first run since the injury with very minor pain – progressed from doing 12 min/jogs to nailing this 10 min/mile run. I also did a 10 minute jog in every PT session last week on the treadmill with practically no pain. This is also due to the fact that it’s a softer surface compared to asphalt or concrete. I was able to resume swimming after taking a week off from a severe cold and nailed a 7k long swim on the weekend. After the swim I made sure to observe the knee for any aggravated swelling or discomfort. There wasn’t any. If anything knee felt much better being in the pool for two and a half hours.

PT keeps reminding me how incredibly great my recovery is going and credits my athleticism prior to the meniscus tear. I was content with doing 3x PT treadmill jogs but she said ground impact is essential to getting my knee strong again. She told me at least once a week commit to an outdoor run. This is week 15 post surgery, according to the Stone Clinic the patient can return to low impact activity after week 16. This has been going on for some weeks now with no issues. Very content with my progress.

Still continuing my R.I.C.E.

Added Exercises:Β 

– ten minute jog/run on treadmill

– increased weights while strength training

This Weeks Workout/Therapy Log

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