Race Report: Brooklyn Half Marathon

Love racing the Brooklyn Half Marathon, but this time around there was a lack of speed. Having trained for the New Jersey Marathon leading into early May I have been focusing on more endurance work. This would hamper any PR performance on the day.

Early on in the start of the race my right knee was experiencing slight pain. The pain was not sharp or excruciating in any way but being that this was my injured knee I backed off for the first 3 miles until the pain subsided.

I love the newly enhanced Brooklyn Half marathon course as it takes you outside Prospect Park for the start.

The first half of my run, splits were pretty consistent in the mid 7:20s. After the first half I felt way better and was able to increase the pace to finish with an overall 7:21 pace. The weather was ideal for the day as the race started in the mid to low 50s.

Now that marathon/ half marathon is done for this part of the season I need to focus on speed training for my sprint triathlons coming up.

Official Finish Time: 1:36:12


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