Race Report: 2012 Flat as a Pancake

Swim went on perfectly as far as I visualized it would be. Best and fastest open water swim so far. However having not practiced enough transitions off a hard swim effort would cost me time in transition. At my bike in T1 I was temporarily stopped by an official because of my extreme visual dizziness. He allowed me to continue after being sufficiently convinced that I was normal and okay to start the bike leg.

Again I was able to nail the bike portion of the Flat as a Pancake course. Coming into this race I was adequately prepared to handle a high threshold bike effort. I finished the bike with an average of 23.4 mph.

Transition was a bit slower here than I wanted but again my hard efforts leading to transition wiped out my legs.

My 5k running legs were absent for the better half of the race. I was able to push through and finish the run at a 6:47 pace slightly slower than predicted and last years 6:39 pace per mile.

Overall this is my personal best at Flat as a Pancake. Again better practice needs to be put into place to nail faster transitions post hard swim and bike efforts.

Video shot and edited by Anh

Overall finish time: 1:03:12

5th in my Age Group

Official Results


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