Race Report: CRCA Club Race

Cat 5 riders, that’s me! we were assigned to complete a total of 6 laps around Central Park, while the Cat 4 and  Cat 3 did 7 and 8 laps respectively. There was also a women’s clinic going on today. The CRCA clinics are great I did the Mens clinic earlier this year, highly recommended for new racers such as myself. Goal for todays race was just to remain safe and off the asphalt and do not get dropped. Both were attained while having a blast of riding fun this morning. Made sure to keep taking in nutrition (2 scoops of accelerade and carbo gain) when it was safe to do so. Legs held up great. Race ended with a sprint finish, I did not participate in this finish since my right knee is not a 100% for that amount of pressure and strain.

I am quite satisfied with my performance today at my first official bike race. The adrenaline bike racing provides is incredible. Being alert and trusting riders around you to do the right thing is critical in remaining safe.

Official Results

Lap Times (Averaged 24.2 mph)

1 0:15:17 includes additional 3/4 lap

2 0:15:26

3 0:15:27

4 0:14:59

5 0:15:07

6 0:14:15

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