Race Report: 2015 New York City Marathon


One of the warmest and ideal conditions for the New York City marathon.

No other marathon like New York City. I haven’t done this race in 5 years. I never thought I would have missed it so much like this time around. It is the biggest marathon a runner can be part of in the biggest city in the world. The logistics could be a challenge but that’s part of the journey.


As in 2010 first 14 miles is somewhat deceiving and pacing suffers later as a consequence. Looking back at my pacing data from 2010 it was the same format where it falls by a minute or so in the later half.


Unfortunately I didn’t carry my fuel belt and Maltodextrin. I only had one breakfast as compared to the usual two at this race. Couldn’t have stomached the last one I brought to the race with me. Also did crave a banana which I didn’t have either. I was fortunate to have one during the race by a spectator.

One of the highlights for me was pacing a fellow runner during his meltdown from mile 24-25. This is all part of the marathon spirit. It also helped me rest a bit and finish stronger for the last 1.2 miles.


Did my best to hold pace while anticipating meeting my family at mile 13-14. I took the time to shed myself of my hat and arm warmers. The day was surely warming up.


I had a solid three months training block. I did two 20+ long runs which helped me tremendously. Lack of hill repeats which is essential for this course wasn’t done adequately. Intervals I’m still staying away from to prevent further knee injury.


Had great fun at this years race and really took it all in and enjoyed. Did not meet my A or B goals but I am quite happy with breaking 4 hours. My IRONMAN marathon still holds as my slowest at 4:03.

First Half 1:47:42 (8:13 / mile)

Second Half 2:03:13 (9:24 / mile)

(16 mins difference in last half)

Finish Time: 3:50:55

Overall Pace: 8:49 / mile

Overall Place: 9072

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