Capstone Udacity project to the AppStore on hold

I was super psyched to release my next app to the AppStore. Having recently graduated from the Udacity iOS Nanodegree with my capstone project.Β  I was excited to release it to the AppStore.

Not so fast. RIP Parse! The app was build with Parse. Parse is a BaaS. So the backend of the app is pretty much handled for you. User authentication, user data, object data and so on.

Parse handled the situation as best as they could by giving developers migration assistance and open sourced the Parse Server so other services like Heroku can be used.

For now migrating my capstone project is on hold. Currently I’m leaning towards using Firebase.

One of the drawbacks to using services is the dependency factor. Unfortunately an app will always have such dependencies. The only protection is to put a contingency plan into place for such event.

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