Long Bike to Commack with a 30 min Brick Run

Went out to Commack, NY which is 36 miles from home. So the total ride was 72 miles. This was followed by a short 30 minute brick run. As expected my legs were a bit tight following the ride but at mile 1 into the run they felt better.

This is the longest I’ve biked with the Smith Podium Aero Helmet. It was a hot day. 90 degree high. So any doubts of the helmet not being properly ventilated were dismissed after today’s ride. It tested very well.

Nutrition was on point. 2 aero bottles with water. Behind the saddle bottle also with water. My BTA bottle contained a concentration maltodextrin mix with gatorade, equalling about 1000 calories. My Dark Speed Works frame storage bag had 5 gels and a bar.

Great workout session today. Next week marks 10 weeks to race day.

Aero Helmet tested great on a hot day. Thumbs up!


Took 3 gels on the bike


72 miles bike workout.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 6.09.48 AM

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