Weather Forecast for IRONMAN Kalmar in August

I know it’s a bit far away to be checking on the weather, but I need to get myself ready for the chance of a potential rained out, cold race for IRONMAN Kalmar especially if the swim will be cold, brrrrr. This week I’m starting to look at neoprene swim caps and swim booties for such an occurrence.

Say it was 21 celsius high and 11C low on race day, base on the historical average that would equate to 70F high and 52F low.

The coldest water temperature I’ve swam in was at Montauk. The water temp at this race was a cold 55F. I did okay but I was definitely shocked by how cold it was.

Predicted Kalmar weather link for August:

According to one blogger, last years water temperature was 16C or 61F, also the water was a bit choppy from winds on the day.

IRONMAN Kalmar official site’s blog about the weather conditions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 8.55.26 PM

Cold Water Swim Tips Video




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