Video: A 14% segment of Alpe Du Zwift

Here I am trying to keep a 70ish cadence but at 14% gradient running a compact 50-34 crankset and 11-32 cassette I was only able to keep my cadence at 60ish without having to increase my power over 270 watts. I am aiming to keep my maximum power for vEveresting to 255 for no longer than 1 – 2 minute segments.

Video Clip of a 14% ADZ Segment

Strava Ride

Full Video

Fact: vEveresting challenge will be 8.5 times up Alpe Du Zwift in order to complete the 8848 meters of climbing or 29,028 feet.

Fact: Fastest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 53 minutes averaging 336 watts.

Fact: Slowest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 1 hour 35 minutes averaging 198 watts.

Fact: Alpe Du Zwift climb in 3398 feet. 

Fact: Alpe Du Zwift descent takes approximately 10 minutes from bend #1. 

Fact: Current FTP is 341

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