Tour de Zwift 2021 – Stage 3 – Standard Ride (Road to Sky) – Ride #8 of 24

Goal was to push hard and finish today’s Stage 3 of Alpe Du Zwift in sub hour time using my upgraded Tacx Neo 2T trainer. Today I fell short of this goal but left very satisfied with the ride given various parameters, namely exhausted legs. I almost cancelled today’s ride as I was still recovering from a 10 km run I did 2 days ago not having ran in over 6 weeks. I was very skeptical that my performance would be highly affected as a result, to the contrary given the Tacx simulates gradients astronomically better compared to my previous Tacx vortex the ride was a success.

My PR summiting ADZ from using the Vortex was 53 minutes up the Alpe but this is surely with an asterisk as the trainer maxes at 7% and drops accuracy above that. So today’s Alpe du Zwift finish time will be my new benchmark going forward.

Alpe du Zwift – Strava Segment

Strava Data

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