Riding Stage 19 during Tour de France coverage – will Cav break the record?

Part 1 – The Plan

Planning to ride Stage 19 for the duration of the tour coverage on Zwift (Out and back again route). Mark Cavendish also has a opportunity to break the record for most tour stage wins, currently it stands at 34. The stage will be 207 km. I am planning to ride 180.25 km (IRONMAN bike distance). The riders average 40 – 45 km/h which is approximately 4 hours and 30 mins. The elevation is approximately 4000 feet.

2019 IRONMAN distance ride on Zwift.

Average speed calculator.

Stage 19.

Zwift configuration for 180km ride

Part 2 – The Ride

Spoiler alert! Cavendish did not break the record today. Also my 112 miles ended up being 102 miles as we are experiencing a heat wave here in New York City today with temps over 90 degrees. At 102 miles I wrapped up my ride as my setup wasn’t adequate enough for cooling down my core temp. Overall great ride and tour coverage especially the action in the breakaway today.

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