Access your custom Zwift workout from an iPad and port to Rouvy or another platform

  1. Download iMazing mac app.
  2. Connect your iPad to your mac.
  3. Click on the “Apps” section under your iPad in the iMazing app.
  4. Navigate to Zwift >> Documents >> Zwift >> Workouts.
  5. Right click on the workout you need and select “Copy to Mac”.

You’re looking for files with the .zwo extension. Best of luck and ride on!

Other Platforms and workout types

Rouvy: .mrc and .erg

FulGaz: .zwo

Zwift workout imported to Rouvy

Using a workout converter I was able to convert Zwift’s .zwo format to .mrc which is supported by Rouvy. After importing the workout on Rouvy’s website the workout is then available in the Rouvy iPad app.

Rouvy Website – Zwift workout imported successfully
Workout Converter
Workout is not available in Rouvy and be ridden on any selected course.


  1. Creating workouts using Zwift Workout Factory.
  2. Video on importing workouts into FulGaz.

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