2022 Year In Review

Year In Family

Quite a bit of first this year, like most years should be. I had an incredible time snow tubing during our kid’s winter break this year.

We visited my home county of Saint Lucia for the first time since receiving US naturalization last year. It had been a long-delayed 25-year overdue return. Though it was a short visit, my wife, kids, and I had a blast, and we all can’t wait to return.

Sugar Beach Saint Lucia

My wife and I completed the climb to the Petit Piton summit. The view from the top was amazing and very worth the challenging climb.

My son played Lieutenant ward in the play “Annie” at school and was amazing.

It was a tough last quarter as he suffered an unfortunate health incident which turned out to be a stroke. Thankfully he is on a positive road to recovery. He is back in school and is back to his old self. Godzilla movies and figurines continue to be his go to for entertainment and he loves reading “The Last Kids On Earth” series. Currently, he is reading Book 5. I don’t think there’s anyone who is anticipating the April 2023 release of the Mario Brothers movie like him.

My daughter continues to enjoy and loves her swim classes. She participated in her first ballet recital. She had quite a performance and such a great day. She loves her Na! Na! Na! and LOL dolls. ❤️

Year In Work

I’ve shipped to production and gotten more SwiftUI experience this year along with In-app purchases and the latest StoreKit APIs.

I’ve completed and achieved certification in an advanced iOS course (iOS Lead Essentials) with a strong focus on test-driven development.

I’ve started a public GitHub repo to host SwiftUI code snippets and sample apps and shared it with the iOS community.

Crossed over 4000 commits for the first time in 2022. 👨🏾‍💻

Courtesy of #githubunwrapped

Year in Sport

I placed 1st and 2nd in my division at the New Jersey State Triathlon. I completed my 3rd IRONMAN with a sub-12-hour finish despite an Achilles injury. On a sweltering November, weekend completed my 6th New York City marathon.

IRONMAN Copenhagen Finish

Looking Ahead

Hoping to get back to creating iOS YouTube videos and delving deeper into Swift Concurrency and SwiftUI. Also, continuing to learn Web Development and implementing backend services.

Continue to be blessed that my son is so resilient and has the doctor’s recommendation to resume sports. Excited that he has started playing music (trombone).

Based on my Strava stats I will have to increase my swim workouts per week or at least the duration per workout, as per my run and bike sessions, I just need to keep the consistency and work on incorporating more strength and yoga into my routine. IRONMAN Legacy qualification goal continues (So far I’ve done Lake Placid, (Kalmar, Sweden), (and Copenhagen, Denmark)…..9 more to go….hoping to knock off 2 during the 2023 calendar year).

All reading have a blessed, productive, and healthy 2023. 🎉 🎆


  1. Hi Alex, it’s so good and hear that you and the family are all doing so well. So happy to know that you have gone back to your home land of St. Lucia. Continue to excel in all you do. Congratulations 🎊

    • Thanks for your continued words of encouragement throughout the years. My family really can’t wait to visit St. Lucia again. Wishing you and your family the best of years in 2023.

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