Off to a Great Running Start

So far this year I’ve done 2 races in Central Park, NYRR Fred Lebow Half Marathon and NYRR Manhattan 10K. I feel great about my current run condition. I have been trying to incorporate more Yoga into my weekly routine although some weeks I miss those sessions. I also aim to be more consistent with my running, with at least 4 sessions a week. Staying injury free (away from last year’s Plantar Fascitis and heel pain) is a massive goal of mine this year as I aim to complete a sub-4-hour NYC marathon in November (an achievement I haven’t done in a few years). Also, altered this year is my carbohydrate consumption in the latter part of the day. As a pre-diabetic, I need to reign in on my A1c which is a huge reason for my diet decision.

NYRR Manhattan 10K


NYRR Fred Lebow Half Marathon


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