Bike: Astoria to Piermont (53.64 miles)

Left for Piermont with Andy H. at 7 this morning. Fueled for this ride with a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

South entrance to GWB was closed so we used the north entrance. (Someone needs to tell the Port Authority to group notices together) We had to look around and almost missed the sign that says use the North entrance.)This entrance calls for a bit of cyclecross πŸ™‚ so be ready.

We were not fortunate to get some of that nicer weather that’s in store for later today. It was a bit nippy. Note to self. When leaving your house at 7am make sure you suit up with a jacket. Being out in the open road was awesome. Even managed to mix in some one leg drills.

We stopped at Bunbury’s Coffe Shop for a bite (had a sugar-free cranberry muffin and coffee) and headed back home.

Overall a great day of riding. Andy is very familiar with the route so that helped alot. Bumped into Cesar A. on the Queensboro Bridge. DM is taking over the world. Happy training all. Enjoy the 79 degree day to come.

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