Last Long Bike/Brick run before taper begins


Today was my last long bike/brick run workout before taper begins. So I wanted to try out all my race gear. I recently bought a TYR tri top and bottom apparel. Also got race tires – Tricomp fortezza. Today would be the day to give them all a test. I swapped out my training tire (continental ultra gator skin tires – awesome training tires by the way) to the Tricomps and also replaced my old tubes with new one. The TYR bottom has a bit more chamois so my boys will be a bit happier after the 112 mile Ironman bike. Never leave home without applying your chamois cream ๐Ÿ™‚ I did the usual nutrition/calorie count to determine how much drinks I need to make and gels to carry. The end result was approximately 2000 cals.

I set out for the ride a bit later than I wanted, left the house at 9am, but this makes for a better race simulation. Since the IM swim is at 7am and I’ll be on my bike closer to 9am anyway.

On my way to 9W I remembered that Jason and Julia were to meet up with some friends (Bruce, Paul, Ming and Gerard) at Strictly bicycles so I decided to pop in and pay them a visit. They were still waiting for one more friend so I asked if I could tag along for their group ride. This group ride worked out perfectly since it was a leisure ride and my bike workout today needed as aerobic as possible. It’s always nice to bike with friends on such a beautiful day. Bruce who was also part of the group led the way. He took us around the back roads to avoid 9W, he knows every twist and turn. He took up to Piermont via an awesome bike path. Also access to 9W was blocked as a result of utility work, which I saw on my way back.

The duration of my bike ride was intended to be 4 and 1/2 hours. So I would have to turn around soon. I decided to ride a bit further with them. Upon entering Piermont, Julia had an unfortunate fall. She got a bit of road rash (Jason who was super prepared had brought along bandaid), she was able to bike to Nyack after icing the wound and applying the bandaid. Our destination was the “famous” Runcible Spoon Bakery where we would meet up with Ming and Gerard. Being that this was still a training ride I couldn’t allow my body to recover for too long, so I said my goodbyes and retuned home.

On my way back I tried my best to maintain a HR below 75%, especially on the hills.

Got home and quickly transitioned into my run shoes not before I drank about 32oz of water. It was hot out there. Also took 2 meta salt tablets.

Completed 64.78 miles on the bike.

Brick Run:

I took 2 gels, my fuel belt with 4 x 8oz of water on the run. I pushed the pace immediately to 75-80%. Kept that pace for most of the run. The last .5 miles or so I stopped and did a full cooldown with an easy walk. Legs felt great, no cramping issues. All in all I am feeling very good heading into my 2 week taper. However I still need to figure out my swim gear issues. ย Completed 6.16 miles on the run.

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