Xterra Vortex 3 Sleeveless Wetsuit has arrived!

Sweet my sleeveless wetsuit has arrived in time for Lake Placid. I finally purchased a sleeveless wetsuit because I wasn’t comfortable whatsoever last week with my performance using the fullsuit during the swim at NYC Swim Aquathlon. I felt very constrained and restricted with the fullsuit. My chest felt compressed and shoulders were tight which made breathing difficult. I have been debating whether a sleeveless purchase was justifiable but made the plunge this week when I ordered the vortex 3 from xterra, thanks to a nice coupon discount :-). I currently have the fullsuit vortex 3 and will reserve it for colder swimming (maybe Alcatraz someday **tri dreaming**. Since Lake Placid should be in the 70s I think the sleeveless will be perfect.

However I’ll be packing both suits if in case Mirror Lake where the swim takes place water temps are low. Can’t wait to give this new suit a test.


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