Aquasphere Kayenne (tinted goggles)

Compared to the Cressi Hydra goggles I used last week (purchased from Paragon Sports: Cressi Flash which I use indoors and the Hydra which I used) in my not so great swim experience. I haven’t had issues with Aquasphere so grabbed a pair this week from SBR. They are tinted Kayenne Lens by Aquasphere. It too I am looking forward to testing in open water, hopefully this week. Ideally it would be good to test them early morning around race time schedule which is 7am. The Cressi I got is a wider goggles I was hoping would be a bit more comfortable for the long Ironman swim, but those may have been too big leading to unwanted drag. The Kayenne is more mid range in size. A swim test review will follow.


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