Meniscus Tear

Last week I was going to Coney Island for an open water swim when disaster struck. While reading a Wall Street Journal article about the “London Riots” on my iPad. It was snatched on the subway when the doors opened up. With my instinct in full adrenaline mode I quickly exited the door and chased the thief down. Long story short he escaped with the iPad and I was left with a right knee injury. Unfortunately with this sudden burst of speed and movement I tore my meniscus in my right knee as per my MRI results this week. Surgery is scheduled for next Friday. The orthopedic surgeon said he won’t know the severity of the tear or recovery time needed until surgery. The MRI was not able to show the entirety of the the tear. Most articles and people I spoke to say recovery can be anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks. If it is a severe case it could be up to 3 months.

With my current fitness level and mental strength I am hoping this aids me to a speedy recovery.


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