NuLife Med NuPulse System – Cold Therapy Ice Machine

A vendor associated with my Orthorpedic brought over the NuLife Med NuPulse System. I was loaned this ice machine/compression unit for the next 21 days. It will aid in my recovery from pain and swelling. Right now due to the numbness as a result of the surgery, anesthesia etc. I do not feel any pain from the arthroscopic surgery. This is SURE to change in the next few hours. The pain is expected to be severe for the first few hours so hopefully with the aid of the NuPulse the pain will be somewhat curtailed.

A friend of mine was generous and sweet enough to lend me a similar machine. Contrary to that machine the NuPulse does not require ice cube refills, it only uses one constant fill of water throughout the process and cools at a consistent 45 degrees as the minimum required by the FDA. Thus the price tag on the NuPulse (not that I’ll purchase one at a +$4000 price tag). Thanks to my insurance the 21 day loan is covered. Swish!

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