Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Update

Surgery Update: meniscus was repaired successfully. As per my Orthorpedic he said there would be two options with different recovery times when the arthroscopic surgery was administered today.

Option 1: meniscus would not be repairable thus being removed. This would mean I would be back doing high impact activities, running six weeks post surgery.

Option 2: meniscus is repairable. Yay! However this demands a longer recovery time of three months. Nay! Oh well. Looks like somebody is about to put on some weight pre thanksgiving πŸ™‚ unless he monitors his carbo intake? Hmm?

Thank you all for your support during this ordeal. You guys are the best!!!!

Regarding Hurrricane Irene. Please stay safe out there.

P.S. Through my current dilemma Irene may have just given me a small gift to smile about, sorry for those who may object here. May be warranted. I had previously registered for the Bronx Half pre robbery incident and due to the cancellation of the storm. All registered runners got NYRR qualifying credit. So I’m officially eligible for entry into the 2012 NYC Half Marathon. Sorry if I may be dwelling on just a race during my tragedy, but without goals what else do we live for?

Happy Saturday and weekend all!

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