2012 Boston Marathon closed

In my present condition running is not in my near future. Before my knee injury I was looking forward to running a marathon PR in New York City this November. Coming off my Ironman in July I felt that I was in the best running shape of my two year competitive racing career. My current PR is 3:22. This was achieved in the Nations Marathon in March 2011 (Washington, D.C). Qualifying for Boston is for sure one of my goals as is to many runners. The BQ time I needed to run was 3:10 (3:08:46 and below was accepted) for 2012. In 2013 it will be 3:05. While some are furious at the new qualifying standards. I welcome it. We are athletes and challenges of the sport we do drive us. Boston has the fastest marathon field of any other marathon and this standard should be kept. Especially with the fact that runners globally are getting faster, training smarter, using better nutrition, running with less injuries. The BAA needs to keep up with this new parameter. Though my Boston goal may take some time to achieve. I know I will get there pending good health.

Unfortunately, Anh, BQ’d this year but her time was not accepted along with 3000+ applicants. She missed it by 32 seconds. The cutoff in her age group was 3:38:46.

Today registration for the 2012 Boston Marathon is closed. Click on the statistics to get a breakdown of the field times accepted.

BAA to runners who were not accepted:Β 

β€œWe appreciate your commitment to your own running, and we encourage you to continue your pursuit of running in a future Boston Marathon.”

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