Physical Therapy: Week 2

Today I concluded the second week of Physical Therapy. My PT keeps saying that I’m making improvements especially with bending. She even allowed me to get on the stationary bike for an easy 5 minutes spin. Right knee felt okay, there wasn’t any pain. As per the PT as long as there’s no pain I can work hard on the exercises. This week we also incorporated strength and weights into my routine. 2 lbs – 2/1/2 lbs were attached to my ankle while I did my leg raises, side raises, etc.

I definitely feel that my leg is getting stronger. The quad muscles are firing again, even if it’s not as strong and defined yet. The home exercise program (HEP) plus massaging of the knee is helping tremendously. I am continuing to ice religiously. The inflammation (swelling) is going down very gradually. I have to continue reminding myself that this will be the slowest progression in the recovery process.

I am Β currently using a cane, while walking I exaggerate the right knee upwards in the process. All with the instructions of the PT.

All in all the first 2 weeks of Physical Therapy has made a huge difference with recovery post arthroscopic surgery. Looking forward to hearing the report from the Orthopedic in two weeks. Hopefully he gives me the okay to resume light carpentry work and return to the pool. Fingers crossed.

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