Physical Therapy: Week 3

This ends my third week of physical therapy and fifth week post knee arthroscopic surgery. During my sessions my PT added more weight bearing exercises to my routine. She also increased my sets from two to three per exercise. Some more exercises were also added. One of those involved strapping my ankle with a 5 lb weight while lower leg was left hanging over the table while I laid on my stomach. This may have been one of the toughest exercises so far. The weight was kept on for 5 – 10 minutes. On Friday during the last session of the week I was told to do some squats against the wall. Those felt good and I am proud with the progression thus far.

My knee flexibility and strength keeps making improvements. Knee feels way stronger on the bike compared to the previous week. I have been adding gradual resistance while doing the 10 minute bike sessions at home.

This week I’m meeting with my orthopedic doctor and looking forward to receiving some good news. Such as work and pool resume schedule. Fingers crossed.

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