Physical Therapy: Week 6

I resumed work this week. As expected my right knee got swollen during those hours. With icing it went back down. This was a concern of mine. However the physical therapist reassured me that this is normal. That the muscles in adjusting to such activities will result in increase inflammation. I am also limiting my work hours for now.

After using a stretch strap at the PT clinic and realizing how great it was with stretching, I felt that it would be a great asset to my rehab and inquired about purchasing one. Sure enough it was being sold there, so I bought one. Since then I have been using it twice a day and it is working wonders with my flexibility – the PT was impressed :-).

With two weeks left of physical therapy I am looking forward to it being as efficient as possible.

Added exercises

– more lateral agility exercises

– additional stretches

– increase duration walking backwards on the treadmill

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