Physical Therapy: Week 7

First full week of work. Also worked Saturday. My knee is getting use to work now. It’s not as sore as the first few days back, but it still gets swollen as expected given that I’m on my feet for eight hours or so. During PT days I have shorter work days. I have been icing during lunch breaks to keep the swelling down and the knee happy. Still walking backwards on the treadmill. PT said I should be progressing to running maybe at the twelfth week. After receiving insurance authorization more weeks were added to my physical therapy. This is welcome news as I was hoping to progress to running on the treadmill during the PT period.

The PT told me its okay to run 10 – 15 minutes in place at home. I was a bit worried with this task given the surgery was two months ago. However she reassured me that this would be fine, as it’s still considered low impact and won’t impede on my recovery. Running in place did feel okay when I did it. Actually felt great to burn a few calories. Mentally a bit tough, if you think the treadmill was dreaded, wait until you run in place with no sense of distance gained. A bit boring but otherwise no pain whatsoever.

Added exercises:
– running in place at home (10 – 15 minutes)

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