10k Swim Training: Week 7 of 9 (8k swim)

This completes the 7th week of training for my solo 10k swim. May have underestimated this swim by leaving home a bit later than would be advisable. However I completed it at the tick of the close time clock (had to lobby for my 3 minutes). Triceps were screaming for sure towards the end. Could factor this as a strength workout as well. Next year I need to incorporate some swim specific strength training into my workout. My pull and finish could be called moderately weak. Quite happy I nailed this 8k swim.

500 w/u
7 x 1000
500 c/d

2 x Ironman Perform
2 x Powerbar Gels
2 x Water Bottles
(at some point I was craving a peanut butter cliff bar – will have to include at least one in my next long swim)

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