Current Update

It’s been a while since my last post. My family, namely ,Miles, are doing quite well. Training has been on the back burner since my knee is no way close to being 100% (re-injured it July 2013). In fact I would say it’s 48%. Somehow it is not adhering well to bike workouts. Running is okay even after doing the New Jersey marathon. Unfortunately riding 16 miles to and from work the outcome was not the same. My knee was sore and swelled up the next day. I did participate in the New Jersey Marathon end of April with an okay Marathon performance going sub 4 (usually I’m a 3:25hr marathoner).

As for programming, due to my daytime job in construction and working on the new apartment, iOS and Android development have also been sidelined.Β 

The last time I did any sort of development work was working on porting my WhatPaint iOS app to Android. I am hoping to continue dev work soon when work/apt work slows down a bit. With WWDC and Google I/O coming up in June I won’t have to look far for motivation.Β 

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