Central Park riding followed by NYRR Retro 5 miler

IRONMAN Sweden training………11 weeks to go

Worked yesterday so had to package a long bike followed by a brick run workout today. Having signed up for a Road Runners 5 mile race I decided to bike Central Park beforehand. Biked to the park, did 5 loops totaling 40 miles. When done with the bike I checked my baggage with NYRR, locked my bike up then did a short 3 mile run followed by the 5 mile race.

I managed to hold low 7s per mile during the foot race. Very happy with the overall outcome. Could have used a gel on the race though. Felt a bit bonky but that subsided pass mile 2.

Finished the days workout with an easy 8 mile ride back to Queens to have family brunch at Nevada diner.


Post run bagel and apple provided by NYRR. Miss the retro style bananas we got before


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