Alpe Du Zwift Personal Best Achieved

Today the plan was to hit the climb hard pushing for an Alpe Du Zwift personal best. My current personal best was 58 minutes doing the Strava verified segment. Today I was able to break this personal best by 5 minutes and finished the climb in 53 minutes. This is a solid start for the first weekend of my vEveresting training.Β 

Average Power: 336 watts 

Average Heart Rate: 149

Average Speed: 8.5 mph

Elevation: 3398 feet 

Fact: vEveresting challenge will be 8.5 times up Alpe Du Zwift in order to complete the 8848 meters of climbing or 29,028 feet.

Fact: Fastest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 53 minutes averaging 336 watts.

Fact: Slowest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 1 hour 16 minutes averaging 229 watts.

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