How many Alpe Du Zwift’s is needed for vEveresting?

I’ve marked out my backdrop showing the number of Alpe Du Zwift it will take to conquer vEveresting.

Blue tape is marked to a scale of 1:13612.31.

Elevation map on blue tap shows 0 to 65 cm => 0 to 0.65 meters => 0 to 8848 meters.

Fact: vEveresting challenge will be 8.5 times up Alpe Du Zwift in order to complete the 8848 meters of climbing or 29,028 feet.

Fact: Fastest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 53 minutes averaging 336 watts.

Fact: Slowest Alpe Du Zwift climb to date 1 hour 16 minutes averaging 229 watts.

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