vEveresting Training Week 2 – Mont Ventoux PR

Today’s bike goal was to ride most of Mont Ventoux via Ven-Top France route on Zwift. Legs felt so great and I was good on time before starting my work day that I decided to push to the summit (4844 feet elevation). In doing so and keeping 40 watts below functional threshold I was able to get a new personal best. The last Ventoux summit I did was when the new France course was introduced by Zwift in the summer along with the virtual Tour de France.

The second week of vEveresting training is going along quite well.


During today’s two hour bike ride I fueled only with water. I had a banana and cup of coffee prior to the ride. Nutrition felt good.


Mentally vEveresting will be tough, I felt a small glimpse of this today, when there was not much happening on the climb and riders were few and far between, I am brainstorming entertainment for event day. To recap my longest trainer ride was a little over 7 hours and it mostly went fine. vEveresting will surely be in the two digits anywhere from 11 to 14 hours. To put it into perspective that’s another 4 to 7 hours added to my longest trainer ride. 🀯

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