Tacx Neo 2T is now part of my pain cave

Thoughts on compatibility with the Scott Plasma 10 Tri Bike

Out of the box the Tacx Neo 2T is easy to setup unless you have a Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon bike. Unfortunately I was not able to test compatibility of my Scott Plasma 10 2015 and the Tacx Neo 2T before the purchase but through reading and watching videos I had a good hunch that it was going to work. Compatibility is not documented on the official Tacx list of supported bikes as of this writing.

The Neo out of the box does not come with a cassette so I also ordered a Shimano 11-speed 11-28 which unfortunately hasn’t arrived due to I am assuming the holiday or some shipping delay. I opted to remove the cassette from my tri bike. Putting on the cassette was pretty straight forward.

The hardest part of setting up my tri bike and the Neo was getting the bike into the trainer, since my derailleur hanger uses insertion to mount the back wheel it can be difficult to navigate the skewer. Going forward I will be removing the skewer thumb bolt to make this process easier.

The Photos

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