Tour de Zwift 2022

Tour de Zwift 2022 is here.

Route and stage details from Zwift Insider.

Shane Miller’s video breakdown of this Year’s tour.

Stage 1 – Flat is Fast

I kicked off Stage 1 of the tour using my Tri bike as this was slated to be a flat stage with ~800 feet elevation. Felt great to be on my Tri bike again after riding mostly the road bike these last few months.

Stage 2 – Mountain Madness

This was the “Tour of Fire and Ice” route in Watopia with a mountain top finish on Alpe du Zwift. ADZ always makes for a great climbing benchmark ride. I came into this stage with some left knee niggles from this week so really wanted to approach the ride conservatively.

Prior to the ride I took a look at my Strava ADZ past segments so the goal became to aim for 260 – 280 watts on the climb. It took approximately 34 minutes to the foot of the climb which made for a great warmup to loosen up my legs and manage how my knee felt. There was no immediate pain so I was very optimistic that I would be able to hold a solid tempo pace up the climb.

Like any other route, having done ADZ including vEveresting the climb really added a sense of comfort and knowing when to push and recover during the ride and the 21 switchbacks.

At the finish, I was able to average 262 watts on the ADZ segment. Quite happy with this performance and it’s a solid benchmark for my continued IRONMAN training this season.

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