Ride (Race) Report: vEveresting is a wrap

There are quite a bit of rules to everesting which are fully documented on everesting.cc .

Here are a few:

  • If doing a climb that’s over 7% gradient on Zwift or similar a direct-drive trainer is required.
  • Your weight should be documented and be accurate on the day.
  • Your trainer difficulty should be set to 100%.
Event Weight – 99.7kg
Zwift – Public Profile
Zwift – Trainer Settings


I decided to also fundraise for World Bicycle Relief.

I started my quest to vEveresting at the start of December.

Race Report

Race day start was 2am eastern standard time on New Year’s morning 2021.

To complete vEveresting you have to climb the total elevation of Mount Everest which stands at 29,028 feet or 8848 meters. If doing the challenge virtually e.g on Zwift you have a few choices of climbs. The most epic is Alpe Du Zwift. With Alpe Du Zwift that meant I needed to complete 8.5 climbs. I choose to complete the .5 ascent first and continue doing the fulls all the way to the end which provided a more epic finish at the summit of ADZ.

As per breaks in this long battle, the descent from the summit of Alpe Du Zwift takes about 10 minutes so those were the occasions I opted to get off the bike and stretch, use the bathroom, shake out my legs and do a proper fuel replenish.

The New York Marathon Pancho made for great warmup clothing during the descents

My wife who was assisting me on the day brought down needed items I wanted to our building’s garage. One of those items was a requested cup of noodle soup. If you’re reading this and are attempting this ride I highly recommend adding it to your nutrition plan. The salt content and carbs are the perfect solutions for endurance fuel.

The ride did not disappoint as per the challenging aspect. My last 4 climbs were surely in the sweet spot as I attacked the climb using a 34 – 34 gear ratio and didn’t change throughout the ascent and spin at 80+ cadence to loosen up on easier gradients.

It must have taken me at least 45 minutes or so to set up the “Pain Cave” for this momentous ride.


The best nutrition on the day was definitely Chinese noodles as mentioned earlier. Other nutrition choices on the day were coconut water, red bull, Gatorade, bars, water, salt tablets, and maltodextrin and accelerade.

Noddles break


Kids join in on the fun

Kids enjoying watching daddy and some Apple TV content

The Toast

Video Toast

Happy 2021

Final Stats

Distance: 140.92 miles

Elevation: 29, 147 feet

Average power: 193 watts

Calories: 9816

Finish time: 15 hours, 44 minutes


LapPowerHeart RateTimeCadence
.5n/aapprox. 47 mins
Lap 1210 watts123 bpm1hr 28 mins72 rpm
Lap 2208 watts130 bpm1hr 29 mins74 rpm
Lap 3196 watts134 bpm1hr 35 mins74 rpm
Lap 4188 watts127 bpm1hr 38 mins73 rpm
Lap 5190 watts128 bpm1hr 38 mins73 rpm
Lap 6186 watts 125 bpm1hr 39 mins72 rpm
Lap 7194 watts129 bpm1hr 36 mins75 rpm
Lap 8190 watts127 bpm1hr 37 mins74 rpm
Avg. 195 watts (57% FTP)73 rpm
Strava Data – Average power up the climbs was 195, average power for the ride was 173 watts

Everesting.cc Resources

Facebook group

Everesting Merchandise: Everesting kit is ONLY ever available to those who have completed an epic. This kit signifies riders who have lent their blood, sweat, and tears in completing an epic.

Hells 500 Strava Group

Everesting badge

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