Zwift Routes

Zwift Worlds and Cycling Routes.


Climber’s Gambit
Legends and Lava
Hilly Route
Flat Route
Figure 8
Figure 8 Reverse
Mountain Route
Mountain 8
The Pretzel
The Mega Pretzelna66.7 mi5375 ft
Volcano Flat
Volcano Circuit
Volcano Circuit CCW
Volcano Climb
Three Sisters
Big Loop
Road to Ruins
Jungle Circuit
Road to Sky
Tour of Fire and Ice
Four Horsemenna55.8 mi6927 ft
Out and Back Again
Tempus Fugit
The Uber Pretzel
Bigger Loop
Tick Tock
Whole Lotta Lava
Muir And The Mountain
Sand and Sequoias
Big Foot Hills
Dust in the Wind
Quatch Quest
Beach Island Loop
Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop
Serpentine 8
Two Bridges Loop


London Loop
Surrey Hillsna27.2 mi3390 ft
Greatest London Loop
London 8
Triple Loops
The PRL Halfna43.13319 ft
Greater London Flat
Greatest London Flat
The PRL Fullna107.9 mi8612 ft
Greater London 8
Greater London Loop
The London Pretzel


2015 UCI Worlds Course
Cobbled Climbs
Fan Flats

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