Physical Therapy: Week 1

I started Physical Therapy last Friday. My PT gave me a home exercise program (HEP) to work with along with self massaging of the right knee and general leg muscles. She made me observe all the trigger points that needed working on during the massage and made sure I focused on those at home. The PT sessions will be three days a week for the next eight weeks.

Today I was glad when she relayed the news that I’ve been making progress with the use of the HEP exercises and massaging. My knee can know bend to 90 degrees compared to 80 on Friday. I have been doing two workouts a day and sticking with her prescribed routine. Today she got me familiar with some more exercises, e.g leg raises, quad extensions, knee resistance (using a resistance band) and compression exercises (using a soccer ball) that I also need to add to my current HEP.

Physical Therapy is a game of hardwork and patience like the sport of triathlon. Results come in small increments. With my mental strength, discipline and overall attitude I’m hoping that the recovery process will be smooth throughout the eight weeks and beyond.

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