First Post Surgery Follow up

Today I had my first follow up visit with the Orthopedic since my arthroscopic knee surgery. He removed the surgical stitches and referred me to a Physical Therapist. PT will be for eight weeks with three sessions a week. I was relieved to learn by the doctor that the swelling of my knee was normal especially given the severity of my procedure.

The bad news of the day was the fact that my resumption to work will be equivalent to the duration of the recovery. This is the huge disadvantage given my field of work. Being on my foot for eight hour days is highly disapproved for this recovery. Also contrary to what I’ve read he does not recommend me returning to the pool as yet. He stated that a full recovery from a meniscus repair has a 70% success rate and extreme caution is advised. Advise I will surely take.


  1. Somehow I always envisioned that when I got an injury I would be able to be in the pool at least. That would have helped me mentally. But yes I have to remain patient or the surgery will be jeopardized.

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